I hate linksys

I hate seeing those little blue boxes everywhere.

They’re friendly, but it’s deceiving. I’ve had SOOO many of them break on me or on family i keep networks for.

Let’s see.

My parents went though three dead HPNA routers, but that’s mostly because of phone lines and lightning (and the devices being sensitive). This weekend, i just upgraded them to 802.11g after their second 802.11b router died a slow bizarre death. Then, I’ve been having problems (suddenly) with my own wrt54g — (not to mention the d-link that it replaced).

I just got through reconfiguring my own wrt54g after doing a factory reset, and hopefully, that will fix things. The bad part of it all was that i had to go to tricia’s laptop and to the tivo to reconfigure their WEP settings.

I mean, it’s nice that the linksys box only costs 60 bucks, but come on, is it too much to ask that the device not just up and die?

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  1. Thank you. I have crashed an uncountable # of linksys routers simply watching videos. Also i broke at least 3 last year working at the quanza hut hooking them up for a guy named Joe. I hook them up properly and they just fail within a couple of months. They were used but it still seems pretty outrageous.

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