All Powerful Playlist Generator of the Future

I don’t know if this exists or not, but I certainly think it would be interesting.

I’d like a music playlist generator that does the following for me:

  1. Is random, but not entirely random. There should be a chance that the next song is similar to the current song.
  2. All probabilities should be adjustable
  3. There should be a probability that the next song is the next song on the album
  4. … that the next song is from the same album
  5. … that the next song is from the same artist.
  6. … that the next song is from the same genre.
  7. … that the next song is from a related genre.

Ideally, the probabilities would get higher as you went along — so that you’d likely stay in the same genre for a while, listening to a couple songs by a given artist before switching to the next artist.

Also, I think that the “smart playlists” in itunes are really just, “not retarded playlists” — I think they need a big upgrade.

I need to be able to groupings of unions and intersections (ands/ors), for one; and “subplaylists” would be good too. — Let me create a couple smaller playlists, and link them together into one larger playlist, possibly by having a, “where playlist = ‘x” option. That alone would let me do some ‘orring of ands’ that i want to do.

If anyone knows of something that does this, please reply to this post!

I wonder if it’s possible to write something like this using the itunes scripting interface?

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