Digital Video Utopia

Posted in General at 4:41 pm by matt

So i’m playing around with the idea of writing some simple plugins for either tivo or myth, and I’m waiting for a replacement tivo right now, so to really do anything on the project, I need to do it with myth (at least for the next week or two).

Anyway, i’m really excited about the fact that tivo is opening up their APIs w/ tivo HME

This feels to me like something that can give them the ‘edge’ they need to stay alive. In other news, i got 90% of the way through installing Myth on Debian (on top of new nvidia drivers, and reinstalling after i realized the default was still a 2.4 kernel). The last 10% is with a problem i’m having w/ myth connecting to my xserver. I may just install mandrake 10.1 tonight, as i found 10.1 myth packages. My guess is that it will be less work to do that than it would be to track down the xserve problem.

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