So many ideas bubbling

I’ve had lots of ideas bubbling around in my head recently. I’ve been thinking about setting up a MythTV box, because that piece of software is starting to look really sweet.

I’ve been a big fan of tivo forever, but all the added functionality of MythTV just keeps pushing me in the way of wanting to use it instead of the tivo.

Particularly, I like the fact that it can

  • Display RSS feeds
  • Play emulated ROMs
  • Give you weather
  • Play any content you already have on your PC (eg divx movies)
  • MythPhone — videoconferencing, how cool.

Also, aside from Myth, I am constantly blown away by the amount of innovation that’s going on — SOAP, RSS, Podcasting, the amount of influence blogs have, it’s just amazing. I’d like to write an essay on where I think we’re going to be in a couple years. Hopefully I’ll at least get around to writing a mini-essay soon.

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