Google Movies

I just saw this on Slashdot. Wow. Google Movies.

What I find really cool about Google is that they integrate everything into one box. What do I mean? Well, for movie search, you use the same search box as for regular search — there’s no “extra steps” involved in getting the information. I mean, movie info on the web isn’t amazing or revolutionary. Having it one step easier is, well, nice.

Yahoo! 360º – ian c rogers’s Y! blog – Why You Should (or Should Not) Use the Yahoo! Music Engine

Yahoo! 360º – ian c rogers’s Y! blog – Why You Should (or Should Not) Use the Yahoo! Music Engine
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From this article, the Yahoo Media Engine looks like a really fine piece of software, with just about every bell and whistle you could ask for. It’s got (supposedly) a great plugin interface, support for gazillions of codecs, and is pushing the idea of OPEN STANDARDS.

How cool is that?

I’ll be testing it out in the coming days.

Javascript Dynamic List Creation

So you want to have your javascript dynamically add structure to your page without reloading. Yes, you can do this, and it all comes down to the document.createElement function, which works in at least Firefox 1.0.3, IE 6, and Konqueror.

How to do this? It’s actually a fairly simple javascript function that does this:

function listAdd(input)
// Input mode
var list = document.getElementById('thelist');
var element = document.createElement("LI");

First off, we get an element named ‘thelist’ — this is the OL or UL tag enclosing your list. Then, we create a new element. In this case, it’s a “LI” element. Next, we use the innerHTML property to set what goes inside the LI and /LI tags — in other words, innerHTML is what’s inside the tags. Finally, we use the appendChild function to add the element we created to the list.

The end result can be seen and tested here.

Overall, it’s a fairly simple but highly effective little technique that you can add to your bag of tricks.