Everything he says seems reasonable.

Re: http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=4562

I agree, the US has a good system that promotes industry and innovation. Not the best system possible, but a good one.

More examiners. Yep, need that.

More open process, yeah, that too.

I don’t think courts should defer to the examiner, though. There should be at least some scrutiny over their decisions.

I actually think rss feeds of applications and wikis for each application are a GOOD idea, as long as there’s regulation over identity. if you can see who is saying what, it matters. you dont want a company to show lots of evidence for its patent without being identified as having an interest.

Anyway, I have to reserve most of my judgment on this issue as I havent taken IP law yet. we’ll see where i stand after i take he class.

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