Obligatory Star Wars post

So I saw Episode 3 today, and, personally, I wasn’t disappointed. I think they did a pretty good job w/ the story they had to tell. I think the biggest problem with ep 1-3 is that the basic STORY isn’t as good. The original movies were an epic battle, underdog vs. big empire. It made really good storytelling.

Episodes 1-3 are basically the “back story” — Of course, ep 1 and 2 could have been better movies, but I think Ep 3 was about as good as I could have hoped for.

I think the effects were great, I loved General Grievous’s 4 light sabre trick, I loved the wookies, the space dogfighting scenes, the epic large cruiser combat, etc.

I don’t know why Grievous had a beating heart — what was up with that? And why was he always coughing? And what the hell was the 30 second add-on at the end about Obi-wan talking to Qui-gon? WTF? Why throw that in unless they’re going to use that in the TV series, of which Lucas has apparently signed a deal for two of.

Oh, and the biggest problem with the whole star wars franchise is that George Lucas was going for more of a “Pulp Sci Fi” feel, which people don’t get. Most people saw it as kids and liked it, now they don’t 25 years later. of course it’s kinda corny at times, that’s just how it is.

I wish I had time to play some more MMORPGs, It’s be cool to play some Star Wars Galaxies about now.

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