Flock is pretty cool

So i’m trying out flock, which is a new web browser based on firefox.  It’s got support for blogging, photos, delicious, rss reading, etc.

it seems pretty cool so far.

when i first heard about the project, months ago, i was very dismissive.  I thought that they were making a useless tool, that nobody would ever need anything more than firefox.  now, after playing with flock for 30 minutes or so, it seems really damn good.  I see exactly their vision, and I want to see MORE of it.  I know they can do a lot more with this project, and I’m excited about it.

I’m even more excited that firefox will see it and incorporate some of the better features back into firefox, making IT an even better product.

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Mappr Beta!

I found this neat little wapp on the del.icio.us makemagazine rss feed, it’s called Mappr, and it superimposes pictures tagged with a keyword of choice on top of a map of the united states.

It uses other tags to place the images.

For example, i’ve tagged some of my images on flickr, which happen to be tagged with pug, ALSO with the keyword of neworleans. Mappr can then associate ‘neworleans’ with a location on the map. In essence, it’s inferring location from tags, which is neat.

To see it in action, check out this link

All powerful email client of the future incorporating current memes

Ok, big enough title? Simple idea.

I think it would be interesting for there to be an emai -> todo list convergence app, with the following features.

  1. Let all email be tagged both automatically (text scan) and by hand
  2. Allow easy manual tagging (possibly w/ tree-based tag finding)
  3. Allow filters that will automatically tag mail based on features of the mail (from an individual, from a mailing list, with a subject line, etc.
  4. Allow ‘views’ of mail to be created that shows mail based on how the mail is tagged
  5. Allow todo items to be created easily from mail
  6. Allow tags to be associated w/ todo lists and todo list items